A little HerStory:  For those of you familiar with my more recent art, you might be surprised to know that a major portion of my artistic career was as a 3-dimensional artist: ceramic & mixed media sculpture and multi-media installations.  My ability to imagine within 3 dimensions means I’m a creative packer (of fridges, cupboards, boxes, the car – for better or worse), and that I love spacial puzzles. Flat surfaces, (aka 2-D ~ wall art) felt limiting for my brain’s expressive template.  But sculpture & installations became grossly impractical within my career.

Most people have walls for art, but sculpture pedestals?… not so much. And if there are children, pets, clumsy folk, it’s a hard sell, and the work piled up. The installations were a real niche art form – one that I loved, as it allowed me to create a full sensory experience.  But it was labor intensive and the parts/pieces became burdensome to store.  With the additional challenges of packing/shipping for national shows and storage, the results became unsustainable. Being a part of the leading-edge dialogue in the art world was very exciting, but as life settled into a frantic pace, it was really untenable. So, about 10 years ago, I made a conscious decision to shift to entirely wall art.  It was very much a problem of 3D.

I’d like to share with you, some of these earlier sculptures. The art I’ve been creating since the early 1980’s has similar themes as current creations, as you will notice with the accompanying descriptions.  Themes of injustice~equality, un~sustainable industry; separation~integration within humanity and all of creation; at this precise moment in time, these ‘issues’ are ‘in our face’, and the energetic shift is upon us.

Since I am wanting to move on, physically and creatively, I’m offering all my sculptural artworks at 40% off (50% if you have purchased $500 + of my art in the past).  Please click on the images or titles to link to my website for detailed images.

Dancing Between Earth and Sky    Size: 18” h x 14” w x 14” d         Mixed Media: Slip cast ceramic forms, glazes, porcelain, metal syringes, golf ball, wood, stains, varnish, paint, trim, wires, glues.       Price:  $590.00

This joyous figure seems to dance and fly above the earth. However, it remains connected to the planet via an energetic line of red wire. The earth platform below is a five-sided piece of turf, the center of which is a red-hot element. The 5 points of the pentagon shape have red liquid filled syringes, signifying ‘hot poison’ going into the earth, (and thus all living creatures, including humans). These elements refer to polluting the earth, life and humans through addictive habits. However, this figure/person is perfectly plugged into the Heavens (stars and moon) above and the Earth below, maintaining a joyful balance amidst the chaotic times and conditions of contemporary life.

Duck Soup    Size: 13” h x 21” w x 13” d         Mixed Media: Slip cast ceramic pears, squash, glazes, salt-fired porcelain dish (pond), with colored resin, glazes, wood, earth, glue, mirror strips.       Price:  $410.00

This is an ironic juxtaposition of ancient-looking ducks floating in a relatively small container of aqua blue ‘water’; the container is suggestive of a pot, a lake, or a serving bowl and this vessel is raised up, mimicking a kind of large chalice, or sacred container.  Underlying the comic content belies the deeper questions: Are we sacrificing non-human life forms? I view them as sacred as human life. What would life on Earth look like if primary government, religious and cultural institutions treated non-human life as valuable as human life?

Ode to the Vegetation Goddess        Size: 57” h x 17” w x 17” d      Price: $1190          Media: Wood, earth, slip-cast hands, fruits & vegetables, glazes, metal, steel rods, velvet, astro-turf, glue, wire.

This art piece expresses gratitude for the abundance within our post-industrial Western culture. It is focused around the basics of life—food, and the hands that nurture it into being. Central to this piece is a feminine form; she resonates life energy arising from soil.  This winged female deity is composed of (slip-cast clay) vegetable and fruits, foods of the earth that are essential to human survival. Her aura, denoting her divine and beatific nature, extends over the four other fruits and vegetables, which lie as offerings in her vicinity: one for each of the four directions of East, South, West and North.

The goddess and offerings spring forth from a pedestal in the shape of a cross, a timeless and sacred symbol. The cross is covered with red velvet (like royal pathways) and steps, like the pyramids of ancient religious structures, that reach toward the heavens. The human hands emerging from the grassy earth are raised up in praise toward the vegetation deity; they are comprised of many colors, representing multi-cultures. In response to the challenging times we live in, Gratitude is a wonderful skill to cultivate.


If you are interested in seeing any of my sculptures, with an interest of purchasing, please email me to set up a time to view. I appreciate your support and would love for you to own art that inspires you.