Uterus: Cultivate Awareness / UNITY


The organs of reproduction in this first shrine, relate to the first chakra (called Muladhara), which is the body’s root, near the tailbone. It aligns with the Earth element, and relates to physical survival, which historically depended upon our relationship with our family of origin (our tribe).  I chose to represent the female organs of reproduction, as the Earth element is recognized as ‘Mother’ and is aligned with feminine consciousness.  Healing must begin with gratitude and veneration for the nourishing essence within the earth and our physical body; this is at the foundation of deeper healing of all ‘matter’.

The pomegranate is the symbolic fruit of earthly seasonal rhythms, and procreation.  The return of life in spring, as all variants of the mythic tale of Demeter & Persephone reiterate, affirms a deep yearning for annual renewal within humans.  The roses are symbolic of beauty blossoming; the wings of Don Quoi (Angelica) root, is an Asian remedy for female reproductive imbalances; the saw palmetto for male reproductive problems.  The plant world is a vast source of healing, and is the source of many contemporary allopathic remedies used today.

The supporting words, ‘cultivate Unity / awareness’, affirms respect of all Earthly life forms as we re-cognize the inter-relationship of all matter.


Uterus: Cultivate Awareness / UNITY

Size: 36” x 13” x 10.5”
Ceramics & Mixed Media