Stomach: strengthen faith / trust


The stomach is an organ of the digestive system; it continues the mechanical breakdown of food into smaller bits (which originates with chewing), through muscular churning. Gastric juices in the stomach then begin the breakdown of protein.

This area requires ‘fire’ to fuel the digestive process, and is thus aligned with the element of fire, the ability to transform ‘gross’ into ‘subtle’. Sometimes this fire is too weak or too strong, and can be calmed or stoked, so we get the right amount of power we need from the food we consume.

Connected to the 3rd chakra, called the ‘solar plexus’, reveals its relationship to heat, warmth, will-power and our ability to take action in the world. So akin to weak or overly strong digestive power, our will can be ineffectually weak or too aggressive. We seek balance through healing emotional-mental wounds that created the problems.

To this end, ginger is known for calming nausea, licorice helps heal stomach ulcers, colic, and gastritis, (inflammation of the stomach lining).

Ginger’s sacred symbolism is of passion, success, wealth, and power, all attributes of the solar plexus.

Doubt is the demon of engaging our will power in a beneficial way, so the text of ‘strengthen faith, trust’ resonates the mental-emotional power of these qualities to boost the psychological aspects of engaging our personal power through action in the world.


Stomach: strengthen faith / trust

Size: 36” x 14” x 12”
Ceramics & Mixed Media