Brain: honor Oneself / UNI-Verse


The brain, located at the apex of the human form, is given much recognition for its role as controller of the body, intelligence, creativity, and culture.  In it’s physical role as central controller of the nervous system, it is a key to movement, sensory feedback loops and emotional-mental interpretation of experiences. It is also understood as the seat of consciousness.  Herein lies the most potential for evolution of humanity; many consciousness experts claim we use very little of the brain; we also know that meditation is a pathway of expanding consciousness, and thus, our understanding of ‘reality’.

The top of the brain is the location of the crown (7th) chakra, and the energetic vortex that connects an individual with cosmic consciousness; in yogic philosophy, the crown is the gateway to other dimensions. When all inner chakras along the spinal pathway have been cleared and a connection is made between root and crown, the expansion of consciousness occurs, an experience, which recognizes the interconnection of all energy and form.

We can begin to work with the subtle energy of our thoughts, and through inner visualization, re-interpret and re-create our life experience. What if there are multi-dimensions and we can experience parallel realities?  What would optimum health look like then?

The herb Rosemary is known to improve cognition, memory and guard against free radical damage, thereby protecting the brain from aging.

The star fruit, reminds us of the vast galaxies and the potential for other life forms therein.  It is a potent symbol of meditation (for example in Javanese culture), the root practice that develops expanded consciousness.

The text honor Oneness / UNI-verse, reminds us to attune to the oneness behind all the veils of separation we have learned.


Brain: honor Oneself / UNI-Verse

Size: 36” x 14” x 12”
Ceramics & Mixed Media