Lungs: Inspire Generosity / JOY


The lungs are the organs of respiration, serving to oxygenate the blood and body with life-sustaining breath.  Once the breath is gone, life is gone. Eastern traditions recognize and align life force with subtle breath: chi (Chinese), qui (Japanese) or prana (yogic traditions).

The lungs & trachea can be aligned with the 5th or throat chakra, which covers the area from throat notch to the jaw (thus the presence of the teeth on the triangle). The subtle attribute is sound; speech is carried on the breath and travels through space.  We must also be attuned to sound when listening. As we tune into deeper forms of inner listening, we will awaken to more subtle realms, such as inner guidance.

Usnea and mullein are herbs used to heal respiratory and sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat, and colds, enhancing the ability to remove phlegm, and reduce inflammation.

The presence of the pear, in Chinese lore, is associated with immortality, a fitting alignment given the breath of life connects us to the subtle energy body, and from there, the more etheric aspects of our energetic fields.

Inspire-ation arises from the breath of life itself, and when aligned with Generosity (through speech and deep listening), brings JOY to self and others.


Lungs: Inspire Generosity / JOY

Size: 36” x 15” x 11
Ceramics & Mixed Media