Intestines: surRender EGO / eXcess


The intestines, as part of the digestive system, are physically responsible for extracting nourishment from food, and dispensing with the indigestible. The small intestine is where 90% of chemical digestion takes place; that is, where enzymes and bile acids break down food material into a form that is absorbed, and then assimilated into body tissues. Water is primarily extracted through the small intestine for use in the body’s cells.  The large intestine is primary responsible for collecting all the indigestible materials for excretion.  Various disorders can arise from imbalances that prevent proper nourishment (like diarrhea), or holding on to toxic material (constipation).

The herb, Yellowdock, stimulates intestinal secretions to help digestion; garlic kills bacteria and parasites that create toxins, when these stressors exist. Garlic also has a symbolic reputation of protecting from vampire-like energies (parasites).

The presence of starfish, relate to the water element present and its importance in allowing the flow of nutrients to travel where they are needed.

The same principals of physical digestion apply to the need to digest and absorb nourishment from lived experience.  When we blame, judge (self or others), we hold on to toxic emotions and beliefs that eventually create disease.

In both physical and psychological layers of our being, knowing how to surrender Ego habits, and release eXcess (toxins of all kinds), is essential to feeling well-nourished.


Intestines: surRender EGO / eXcess

Size: 36” x 14” x 11.5”
Ceramics & Mixed Media