EmBrace: LOVE / compassion


The central organ of this shrine is the heart, responsible for the pumping and circulation of blood, oxygen and lymph; and thus is vital for the continuous life flow of nourishment and protection for all tissues.

The spiritual heart center is in the middle of the chest and aligns with the 4th chakra, and the element of Air.  Air refers to the irregular qualities of this emotional center, sometimes subtle or fleeting, and other times fierce, forceful.  The restrictive emotional energy here is grief, which can shut down the heart and result in the manifestation of many diseases.

The presence of the (ceramic) vegetable, pepper, as a potent energy stimulator, refers to strong passion, and joyful engagement in life. Symbolically, we desire to create a balance within our heart, just the right amount of the spice of life that we are engaged with passion, neither burning ourselves out, nor stagnant.

Medicinally pepper helps circulation; the active ingredient, capsicum, improves elasticity of the arteries and veins, so all flows easier.

Healthy heart herbs present here include: Hawthorn berries, which improve circulation, and balance calcium levels in the heart, lowering heart muscle spasms; Motherwort, calms and lowers blood pressure, and Eucomia, a heart tonic.

Symbolically, heart is the locus of love, especially the deeper connection forged through unconditional love, born from compassion and soul connection. The text on the plaque, Embrace LOVE / compassion, is the essence of inviting in a compassionate healthy heart.


EmBrace: LOVE / compassion

Size: 34” x 14” x 10”
Ceramics & Mixed Media