Liver: PURify perspective / intention


The liver is an amazing organ, responsible for many functions: detoxification (drugs, alcohol, hormones, hemoglobin, etc); producing bile for fat digestion (the gall bladder, stores bile); helping control glucose levels; destroying old red blood cells; and storage of particular vitamins and minerals (iron).

Lemons are a great detoxifying aid for the liver, a refreshing fruit to help cleanse this cleansing organ.  Wild iris is used to stimulate bile production, which is often the cause for many gallbladder and fat digestion problems. Green gentian is an herb acting as a tonic to support optimum liver function.

Symbolically, lemons resonate with the energies of: sour, bitter, and resentment; when we acknowledge our holding on to these very human responses to life challenges, we can then consciously choose to let them go, thereby detoxifying our psychological layer of being.

As such a great protector and balancer of many functions, the liver is primarily responsible for purification, and when aligned to emotional-mental aspects, can be affirmed through the words ‘Purify perspective / intention’.


Liver: PURify perspective / intention

Size: 36” x 15” x 9.5”
Ceramics & Mixed Media