Urinary: Distil Wisdom / Truth


The urinary system (kidneys and bladder) is represented in this second shrine; physically these organs clean the blood, and regulate electrolyte and water balance. Energetically, the location in the middle of the pelvic bowl is connected to the water element, and the second chakra; as such, it represents our ability to regulate flow in our life.  The kidneys also support adrenals, the gland that responds to fear; ultimately it is the emotion of fear that blocks good kidney/bladder function and pleasure in our lives.

Embracing flow, especially in the sphere of relationships, can enhance our experience of duality. Truth unveils and wisdom evolves from reflection of our experiences; when we learn from mistakes, we can upgrade our choices; if not, we become burdened with the weight of unresolved feelings.  Like stones in our kidneys, these can block flow and be painful to release. The apple is symbolic of truth, and Malic acid in apple juice can dissolve these stones, or like truth, can set us free to be in the flow again.


Urinary: Distil Wisdom / Truth

Size: 36” x 14” x 10.5”
Ceramics & Mixed Media