Cosmic Intelligence


The central image of a meditator, their core a golden disc & red crystal, is the nucleus of this sacred geometric structure. A mirror image of an arc of DNA above & below appears to be the radiant energy both being emitted from the meditating individual as well as ‘holding’ the person in a place of stillness. Behind the central image, lies a larger blue square, rotated to its more dynamic form; the corners point towards the horizontal and vertical axis, which are extended through a polka-dot banner, like perfectly placed stars in the night sky. This emphasizes the horizontal feminine place in complete balance with the vertical masculine plane. Expanding further from the blue square, is a red circle, a symbol of the world / life, in a celestial-birthing color. Beyond this lie the heavens, a pulsing cosmos holding phases of the moon (in a semi-circle on either side of the earth in the lower half) and planetary bodies (Neptune – bottom; Uranus – top), relating to these outer planets of the imaginary/boundless realms and sudden transformation, both necessary for enlightenment. The top center holds a green heart, haloed by a golden crown, the ultimate symbol of tapping into heart centered cosmic intelligence.



Cosmic Intelligence

Price: $1225

31.5” x 31.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on Plywood; image transfers, acid-free papers, trim, beads, crystals.