Subtle Alignment


Sitting in meditation, a human form is present in triplicate, with variations of color and size. The middle one is most prominent; its outline of golden glass beads conveys the physical body. Next most perceptible is the smaller body contour, illuminated through gold foil, and reflecting the inner vital energy, also known as the subtle body. The outermost human contour takes more acumen to perceive; as the most expansive, the radiant purple foil tone indicates a higher resonating energy. This higher frequency energy body, some refer to as the causal body, is the most subtle and illusive to describe and experience. When we practice meditation, we align the various bodies, as indicated by their overlap of the 7 spiritual energy centers, the chakras, which align vertically in the center of the bodies and artwork. Energetic integration uplifts the individual and humanity.



Subtle Alignment

Framed Size: 12.75“ h x 12.75“ w
Encaustic & Mixed Media