Cosmic Alignment


This vertical panel illuminates 3 discrete color energies; the lower red is associated with the fiery core of the earth, arising to the green life energies of plants as foundation of all Earthly life, to the blue realms of the sky/heavens.  Within each section are 2 small panels reflecting rainbow colors of the chakras within our bodies and Earth: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.  The frequencies become faster as they move from ground to sky, the nature of which we experience as we tap into those phenomena, especially as we become more sensitive through meditation practice.  This art piece resonates within our bodies, the body of the Earth as a life generating planet, and the cosmos itself, as represented by the six celestial bodies emanating unique frequencies within each panel.  The numerology present within ~ 3 sections, 6 spheres equal 9, an energy of fulfillment, just prior to closure. This art can be used to energetically align with Earth body, and cosmos.


Cosmic Alignment

Price: $530

25” x 9”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on Cradled Panel Board; image transfers, acid-free papers, trim, beads, crystals.