Star Seed Portal: Arcturus


This work explores the influence of cosmic energies, including star constellations, upon humans. Some folks are more influenced by moon/lunar energies, others Mars, or Venus. Tuning into our solar system is helpful to know dancing with personal energies, but understanding our star-seed connections may be even more profound. Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, part of the Bootes constellation. Arcturus influences include vibrations associated with the color blue and the Throat Chakra: communication and transmission of information, especially to help others align with their true voice and selves, in order to spread universal truths. Their knowledge of energy, sacred geometry (as is present in this art piece), and mathematics can be used in practical ways, to design communities, homes & renewable energy sources. Do you feel a call to translate divine knowledge into the physical world? If so, go through the sacred door to hone your Star Seed skills.



Star Seed Portal: Arcturus

Framed Size: 16.75“ h x 16.75“ w
Encaustic & Mixed Media