Gateway 2: Armored Heart Ascension


The brass arch in this artwork is fashioned with soft wave-like energy, curling and flowing from one to the next. The deep sea colored backdrop is afloat with lighter heart shapes, their silhouettes punctuated with iridescent silver. The gateway holds 3 winged hearts, each with an ocean-derived shell in the center.               The shells are symbolic of an individual’s heart guarded at its’ core; this is a common response to the confusing influx of challenges associated with all relationships in the human realm. Negative feelings, unless transformed and integrated, reduce ones potential of joy and harmony in all relationships, and especially limit true intimacy.

This artwork is meant to inspire ascension from the protective habits that keep one safe, but limited, to living a life of joy, integrity and divine inspiration. Imagine ascending your protective devices and living in a liberated state.


Gateway 2: Armored Heart Ascension

Size: 22″ x 22″
Encaustic & Mixed Media