Grounded Heart Expression


Mudras are hand gestures, bearing significant meaning in numerous cultures throughout human history, especially within spiritual and healing traditions. Hands are powerful conductors of our heart’s expression, and when engaged with conscious choice towards love and compassion, are conduits of deep healing. Each unique piece in this Series resonates to create connection, through the elements (earth, water, fire/sun, etc.) and/or through the larger cosmos (stars, sun). The backdrop of this work is of materials (bark, wax) and colors (greens, brown-reds) that resonate earth energies. The simple prayer position is reaching out to you, to the Earth; a finger is a seedpod, revealing the nature of humans – we are of the Earth.  The upward and downward pointing triangles framing the hands establish the human presence as within the grounding and elevating energies we establish through prayer / meditation.  Spiritual practice grounds us to what is truly Real and the treasure of our own spirit soul within, symbolized by the space between the palms in this mudra.

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Grounded Heart Expression

Size: 25 ¼” x 21 ¾” x9”

Mixed Media

Holding the Sacred

Treasure Within

Close to the Heart

Grounded In Love

Of Body & Spirit

Life becomes an Offering