Earth Offering


Mudras are hand gestures, bearing significant meaning in numerous cultures throughout human history, especially within spiritual and healing traditions. Hands are powerful conductors of our heart’s expression, and when engaged with conscious choice towards love and compassion, are conduits of deep healing. Each unique piece in this Series resonates to create connection, through the elements (earth, water, fire/sun, etc.) and/or through the larger cosmos (stars, sun). In my own yoga practice and teachings, I utilize powerful mudras, to bring balance within the elements, meridians, planetary forces, and individual self.

Many people engage in mudras without even realizing it: like the speaker whose finger and thumb tips touch each other, engaging Hakini mudra, which helps the flow of expression. My desire is to make hand gestures a more conscious part of our lives, so we can embrace subtle healing and integrate energy in a practical way, everyday.

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Earth Offering

Size: 19 3/8” x 19 1/4“ x 7 ½”
Encaustic + Mixed Media

Root, Form, Structure, creates

Safety, Security, Grounding

Aligning with Tribe,

Ancestors, Original Family.

Life, Sustenance, Beauty,

Manifests through Sacred Ground