Gateway 1: Ascension Of Rock Solid Heart


The brass arch in this artwork is aflame with transformating energy. Fire is both destructive and life giving. Reiterating this energy symbolically, is the sun’s rising behind it; the gateway holds 3 winged heart rocks, symbolic of the powerful energy present and required to lift matter into the less substantial, etheric realms.           The rocks are symbolic of an individual’s heart weighed down by material concerns, or heavy with grief. Transforming heaviness requires forgiveness, compassion and the release of sticky habits that shrink one’s existence. Imbalanced emphases upon material wealth, and/or protection of a heart dense with sorrow, block the circulation of joy.

This artwork inspires liberation from all that weighs ones down, moving energy from the 1st chakra – earth (bottom brown), through to the 3rd chakra – sun/fire (solar plexus), by way of heart energy (green). Ascension is an inside job facilitated through contemplative practices, including bringing the energy from this image within ones heart and soul.

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Gateway1: Ascension Of
Rock Solid Heart

Size: 22″ x 22″
Encaustic & Mixed Media