Gaia Wisdom


Mudras are hand gestures, bearing significant meaning in numerous cultures throughout human history, especially within spiritual and healing traditions. Hands are powerful conductors of our heart’s expression, and when engaged with conscious choice towards love and compassion, are conduits of deep healing. Each unique piece in this Series resonates to create connection, through the elements (earth, water, fire/sun, etc.) and/or through the larger cosmos (stars, sun). In this piece, the 3 square shapes stabilize, ground & communicate Earthly, Gaia energy, as do the greens & reds.  An open hand awaits to receive a (rock) heart from a branch above. The Gaia earth energy is our primal source of nourishment.

Ancient Hand Reflects, Primary Earth Wisdom, Emptiness allow Receiving, Fullness Urges Giving, Heartfelt Vibrations, Create Eternal Balance.

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Gaia Wisdom

Size: 21 1/2” x 21 1/2“ x 9 1/2”
Mixed Media

Ancient Hand Reflects

Primary Earth Wisdom

Emptiness allow Receiving

Fullness Urges Giving

Heartfelt Vibrations

Create Eternal Balance