Fire Nature


Like the warm sun, this piece aligns with the 3rd chakra, our passionate nature and how we express it in the world through actions. Purple, the complimentary color radiates as the organ body aura. This field of energy is embedded with a square (turned to reveal its more active diamond format), then the circle of 12 petals. The flower form is a mandala, a sacred structure that reveals the inherent perfection within. It is also a powerful pattern to develop concentration; if you apply a gentle focus on the whole of the mandala, then close your eyes, you’ll experience the whole of the energy within the interior screen of the mind’s eye. The upward pointing triangles in the 4 corners of this work, represent Fire energy, an upward movement representing action/doing, inspiration and enthusiasm. These symbols can be experienced as subtle energies within.



Fire Nature

Price: $695

21.5” x 21.5”
Mixed Media: Encaustic and Mixed Media (transfer images, beads, wire, transfer foil, crystal) on Cradled Panelboard.