Envision with Heart


If you describe what you saw of a particular event, and compare that to other observations, it will likely be very different. Every eye-witness will proclaim a perspective dependent on their subjective interpretation.
Beyond bare bone facts, experience is subjective; we interpret based upon prior experience and the resulting cumulative understanding from our unique historical experience.
Knowing this, we can tweak our perspective to one based upon a more beneficent understanding. It is up to each individual to seek a vision that inherently is uplifting for self and others; to focus on the beauty of what is seen, and to help envision a world created from compassionate heart energy.
The eye on the heart of this piece is ½ open, ½ closed, akin to spiritual seekers in meditation, attuned to both inner and outer worlds; vision is thus aligned with higher wisdom dimensions, as it engages in the external world.



Size: 24.5″ h x 16″ w x 7″ d

Medium: Encaustic, Ceramics & Mixed Media

Price: $880