Earth – Tree of Life


An archetypal symbol, the Tree Of Life, represents the Earth. Many ancient spiritual traditions use the Tree as a symbol of the source of all life – that which sustains and nourishes all matter. The tree has roots in the Earth, connecting with the nourishing soil that supports the creation and growth of physical matter.  The trunk supports the numerous branches, which spread into the canopy that reaches towards the heavens.  The trunk also moves the nourishment from the earth, up to feed the stems and leaves, which create the flowers that feed the fruit and seeds of the next generation. The leaves and fruit, with seeds, nourish a wide range of life, and fall to the ground, feeding the soil, thus maintain the cycle of life.  The tree is a perfect reminder of how to ‘ground’ within the earth, so we can become strong and resilient.



Earth – Tree of Life

Size: 29” x 21” x 7“
Ceramics & Mixed Media