Speak With Heart


Speech is a powerful tool of communication; words, tone, inflection etc. all contribute to create connection or disconnection. Much of what and how we speak is unconscious reaction arising from social training, especially from what we learned in our early years.
Because speech is a reflection of thoughts and beliefs, and unresolved wounds influence these forms of subtle energy, we may harbor a lot of unskilled methods of speaking that hurt our self and others, knowingly or not.
If you desire your speech to heal, not harm, and to create harmonious, joyful relationships, first circulate your speech through the wisdom heart. The wise heart knows we all desire the same things: love, compassion and understanding.
The lips on the heart in this art work are serene, reflecting the inner smile that arises from a contented heart. From this source, speech is clear, meaningful, and loving.
The blue color reflects the throat chakra, and the spacious quality that sound vibrates through. Speech is a powerful creator of reality, best engaged with conscious intent and heartfelt sincerity.



Size: 24.5″ h x 16″ w x 7″ d

Medium: Encaustic, Ceramics & Mixed Media

Price: $880