Engage With Heart


Engage means action, and refers to how we act in the external world. Often our choices arise from unconscious reactions to past trauma, or successes.
Hands are the primary vehicles of expression of beliefs and feelings enacted in the physical arena of life. Hands can be used to wound or comfort. Every day is filled with actions; how do your hands reflect your beliefs in the world?
When a person is balanced and responding from a wise heart, actions are filled with love and compassion. This is an ideal worth cultivating, so that every expression of the hands, whether a gesture, creation of a meal, or digging in the earth, is an act of love.
The little hands emerging from the heart in this art work, have tiny hearts on the palms, expressive of the loving energy generated from a open, wise heart and flowing through the energy centers in the palms.
The new wave of energy healing utilizes this very means of tapping into universal healing energy, and conducting the current through the individual heart, arms and hands to flow into and clear the energy pathways of the recipient. This is how the deeper architecture of our energetic pathways are healed and cleared, allowing for healing of the physical imbalances in the emotional, mental and physical bodies.



Size: 24.5″ h x 16″ w x 7″ d

Medium: Encaustic, Ceramics & Mixed Media

Price: $880