Listen With Heart


Human ears are a marvel; the range of hearing can be shifted by will, depending on one’s desires to hear or not (consider what the average teenager hears from a parent). Much of what is actually heard by an individual is influenced by numerous factors, both external (the environment) and internal (the consciousness).

Our individual tuning in or out is primarily directed from the unconscious. Factors of prior experience, and interpretation of this experience, influences how and what we hear. If you often feel conflict, frustration or other negative emotions through the hearing modality, try rerouting what you hear through the crystalline structure of your benevolent heart.

A loving heart filters out non-resonant vibrations, and supports the ability to listen deeply, and understand the truer meaning of what is spoken. One can learn to hear from the heart, which results in more joyful relationships and life experiences.

The ears on the heart in this piece resemble a butterfly, symbolic of the powers of transformation. The practice of listening for the underlying truth of every sound you experience will cultivate ease and joy in everyday experiences.



Size: 24.5″ h x 16″ w x 7″ d

Medium: Encaustic, Ceramics & Mixed Media

Price: $880