Emerald Path


The emerald and verdant green tones reverberate heart / love energies.  A protective crow looks to the left, the realm of the divine feminine. Within an upward pointing triangle shape, symbolic of upward transformation, alongside the crow, sits a watchful eye; the triangle is uplifted by celestial wings.   The magical crow is perched above 3 smaller crows sitting upon 3 branches of a tree emerging from waves/water, symbolic forms indicating the foundations of earthly life.  These too, are being uplifted by a pair of wings. On either side, blossoming flowers and leafy borders, hold the space of transformation.  At the very top center lies a woman’s tranquil form, resting within an eye-shaped sea of stars and cosmic bodies.  Her energetic transformation to a higher dimensional plane requires meditation and stillness.


Emerald Path

Price: $777

21” x 21”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panel boards; acid-free printed papers, Image transfers, beads, wire, crystals.