Earth Mother Mandala – Courage


The central circle is a red leaf image, enervated with the organically flowing leaf/life ‘blood’; this is overlain by a 6 pointed star; the upward & downward pointing triangles represent the balance of the heart chakra. This central energetic vortex within the human is the site of integration of earthly and heavenly energies. It is here that we connect with the quality of Courage; when emerging from the heart, these energies support a fearless engagement into all life’s challenges. The presence of 12 petals, with the ancient large breasted ‘mother’ goddess (‘Venus of Willendorf’ from 25,000 years ago), as well as the deep red colors, reverberates with the procreative, earthy, fearless energy of feminine conscious creation.

When we attune to this energetic resonance, we can live courageously on the Earth, nourishing self and other to manifest goodness in the material plane, aligning with the sustaining energy of nature.



Earth Mother Mandala – Courage

Size w. Frame = 25 ½“ h x 29 ½“ w
Mixed Media