Cosmic Eye


The constellation & star-studded eye at the center, looks out at you with a visionary perspective on new earthly creation. On both sides, vegetative life snakes upward, an atypical life form arising from eggs; the vines flower centers, hold crystal codes of information.  The earth plane is also inhabited by 2 bears, looking to inform the process from an instinctual place.  The dragonfly above symbolizes the flexibility required in negotiated the dance of New Earth Creation.  The central square panel is embedded within or gives rise to, a celestial orb of vibrant energy. Beyond this spiritual circle of containment, 8 satellites of celestial stars and 4 elephants (helping push through obstacles) hold the space for creation.  Together, they total 12, the number of petals of the heart chakra. More vegetative life flowers from the 4 corners, establishing a semblance of stability amidst the fiery tones throughout, which is the true nature of creation: unpredictable, exciting, tumultuous and unknown.  Keep a steady eye on the goal of equanimity and compassionate action.



Title:  Cosmic Eye

Size: 31.5h. x 25.5” w.                   

Price: $1095

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (image transfers, art papers, glass beads, crystals, wire, gold foil) on cradled Panel boards.