Have you ever been astonished by the gorgeous patterning of a nautilus shell, the swirling energy of a galaxy, or seen fractal imagery? Have you wondered why those spiraling movements are so Beautiful? Intoxicating? Enervating?





Essentially, the spiral is about movement – change through time and space.  This can be summarized in different ways:

  • Movement from the center, outwards, indicating:
    • Evolution, Growth & Progress
    • Internal to External
    • Micro to Macro
    • Expansion
  • Movement from outside to the center, suggesting:
    • Devolution, Disintegration, & Regression
    • Outward to the Inner
    • Macro to Micro
    • Contraction

A spiral naturally expresses these movements inwards and outwards simultaneously, we can say that a spiral is neutral and In perfect balance at any given moment…. representing:

    • Harmony / Balance
    • Flow / Stillness
    • Connectivity / Union

Ultimately the spiral symbolizes movement of energy. We absorb the sun’s radiance, and reflect it back out from our own warm body.  We recognize this familiar ‘feeling’ energy in the spiral shapes we experience in nature, and within cultural symbols.

I’ve used the spiral to indicate various energies in my artwork; here are some example




Key to a Peaceful Heart   16 5/8” h x 16 5/8” w (Heart Passages Series)  $580

The spirals present in this art piece align with the elements (air, space),and the chakras – vortexes that exist within our energy body and on the planet. One is within the center of a heart above the praying hands, signifying the heart energy radiating from heartfelt intentions.


Cosmic Egg    Size: 24 ¼” h x 21” w (Hawaii Mandala Series)  $760

The 12 spirals images within the oval shapes of the outer circle are photos of a fern tip; there is also a central spiral in the central ‘seed’ between the ‘cracked open’ egg. A snake emerges in a sinewy movement from the seed; it’s natural shape and movement is a spiral and in many cultures is a symbol of healing (caduceus), and transformation.

The most recent use of the spiral shape is DNA, a subject I’ve been fascinated with for some time.  I generated an entire series based upon a little known fact that meditation can up-level DNA’s organizational pattern, so that he frequency is at a higher vibration, denoting a more evolved state of being.  The Entire Series is here: https://www.debbiemathewart.com/new-work/      Just scroll down the page to see the entire series… then click on any image to read about it.

It’s likely that you’ve experienced spiral energy, and now you’ll see the pattern much more frequently.  Where and when has it shown up for you?  Do you notice it in some magical moments that brings you back to your center, and your place in the universe?