Secular Symbols of Love in ‘Birth of Love’

Birth of Love at
Title:  The Birth of Love,  Triptych – 3 panels;            Size: 17.5”h. x 48”w.,
Media: Encaustic & mixed media on cradled Panel board,

A triptych is a set of 3 associated artistic works, intended to be appreciated together; historically, they were common as an altarpiece (the 3 panels often hinged), in Christian Europe.  The imagery depicted significant events from Christ’s life and teachings.  In this work, the subject matter revolves around the birth of Love; the iconography utilizes ancient symbols that exist in many wisdom traditions: Native American, Pagan, Asian, Christian, etc.

Imagery in the left panel of The Birth of Love at Many of these symbols are deeply embedded The bold blue, red and green colors are energy of water/sky, fire/sun and earth/ground in The Birth of Love at DebbieMattewArt.comwithin secular life, yet they hold mystical truths from diverse cultural traditions, spiritual and philosophical. In the 2 side panels, the crane / stork arrives from both directions; representing purity, good fortune and new life.  The eggshells, as the fruits of avian creativity, have hatched hearts that float upwards. The heart as symbol of all varieties of love, permeates the modern psyche and shifts the viewers consciousness to an uplifted frequency.
Center panel imagery in The Birth of Love at DebbieMathewArt.comThe middle panel’s imagery reflects wisdom love.  Owl, with its quiet presence and night vision, represents discerning love.  The central rose is an analogy for unconditional love, which can exist in all kinds of relationships.  Ancient Greeks and Romans treated the rose a sacred emblem of the gods and goddesses, signifying beauty, passionate and compassionate love.  The organically shaped heart (photo of a bone fragment) lies at the foundation, grounding the love resonance, and is flanked by guardian jeweled elephants, a symbol of discernment and protection in Asian / East Indian culture.
The bold blue, red and green colors are energy of water/sky, fire/sun and earth/ground.  They designate the various energies inherent within the early plane of existence for all life.   I hope these works inspire you to hold the flame of love in your heart in all relationships – human and beyond.