Tree Growth Enhancement Project: Five Treatments


The giant test tube holder with Petri dishes below, spawn miniature trees; this is a symbolic experiment to grow new forests in the dregs of our unsustainable society: nuclear waste, pulp mill effluent, oil sludge, mining slag & acid rain soil. The jury is still out as to whether science can solve the devastating consequences of the exponential increase of resource extraction and pollution heavy waste of various industrial processes.

The new growth is not particularly healthy looking, reflecting the current state of planetary ecosystems. Familiar forms (broccoli) that represent trees, invokes a mini-lapse into a smile, while ones still contemplates the ever evolving relationships between ecology, politics and science.

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Tree Growth Enhancement Project: Five Treatments

Size: 8” h x 19” w x 4” d
Media: Slip-cast low fire clay broccoli, glazes, Plexiglas, colored resin, petri dishes, plastic tags with labels.