Shedding the Cocoon


This shrine exudes kinetic energy of transformation; the banana chrysalis turning into a butterfly, with wings and head expanding with vibrant energy. The form arises from a 10 petal flower substrate, aligning to solar plexus, responsible for transmuting energy into action and form; ultimately meaning we engage in the world in a significant way.  In order to engage purposefully in our life, we must release the hindrances of doubt, depression and ride the waves of our own knowing of what is true nourishment for our self and the community of life we are a part of.  When we embrace the goodness of all experience, we can flow with all the experiences that arise within our life, with the deep knowing that all ‘reality’ is dependent upon our perspective and interpretation.


Shedding the Cocoon

Size: 24” x 11” x 8.5”
Mixed Media
Prose on Elliptical Plaque under shrine:

Shedding the Cocoon
Of Depression & Doubt
Unfolding Our Wings
Of Fundamental Goodness
We discover an Ocean
Of Uplifting Energy
& Ride the Reality of Life
A Magical Boundless
Union with Our World