Riding the Red Tide


A red tide refers to a huge algae bloom that occasionally occurs in the oceans, as a result of human-derived waste that pours into the waters. A ‘red tide’ is dangerous to living creatures, as the toxic byproducts are consumed through the food chain, so sea creatures are harmed and sea life as food becomes poisonous to humans. All imbalances happen as a result of humans disconnect from nature; these poisons also rear up in the emotional-mental realms. To rebalance, we need to ride it out, like this duck, following its survival instincts; humans need to return to their intuition, a kind of deeper knowledge that recognizes and honors our interconnection with nature. When centered within, we can be still, and connect with right living, which honors the cycles, seasons, and the sacredness of all nature, including our human existence. From this space, we glow from within, and allow all to heal naturally.


Riding the Red Tide

Size: 18” x 11” x 8.5”
Mixed Media

Words in the moon in back:

Riding the Red Tide

Surging Energy Stills

Moon Within Aglow