Magnetizing Fires


This shrine connects with the transforming energies at the subtler levels of our Being: the psychology, or, our emotional-thinking habits.  When we recognize the patterns that bind us to limited beliefs about our experiences, perceptions and reality, we can choose to release them with various energetic methodologies.  If we open to and magnetize energetic  transformation, (akin to sun, heat or fire, that shifts states of matter), we can rewrite our past, heal the constrictive aspects and liberate ourselves from self-imposed suffering. Consequential to this process, is the tapping into universal wisdom and unity consciousness, wherein we can experience joy, and expand our beliefs to hold multiple layers of reality.  The hand in this shrine is at the apex of an upward pointing triangle, drawing the energy of transformation upwards and into the hand, feeding the multiple levels of the human being.  Wisdom energy radiates out, returning to the cosmos, depicted by the precious elements and star matter.


Magnetizing Fires

Size: 24” x 11” x 8.5”
Mixed Media
Prose on Triangle Plaque below:

Energy Magnetizing
Liberating Fires
Consciousness Congeals
Creating a New Earth
Where in Universal Wisdom
Crystallizes and Blooms