Planetary Alignment


The chakras are a sophisticated system with many levels of significance; the one emphasized in this piece is their association with planetary bodies. As energy centers within our body, we can relate and understand these energies even more profoundly if we study and connect to similar planetary energies.

In addition, hand gestures, called mudras, also align with the energies of the planets and chakras within our body. These are depicted on the side. Mudras as a way to direct energy are already utilized in the social environment, albeit without much awareness of their power. Take the ‘peace’ sign for example; used throughout the 1960’s to project the intentions of the time: peace, love and universal harmony. I feel we are at the crux of such a time again.

At the base of the vertical stack of chakra images, is the planet Saturn. Like the Earth energy of the root chakra in our body, Saturn is an energy of discipline, focus, restriction pertaining to structure needed to manifest on the earth. Adhi mudra on either side, affirms this contained energy.   Next is the more expansive energy of Jupiter, occupying the sacral chakra position; here we cultivate our sensual relationships in a fluid matter; Adho mudra reflects the nourishing qualities of this chakra, akin to water that supports life on earth. Next in this ascending process is the solar plexus, associated with Mars energy: action, fire, outward focus/determination. Hastaphula mudra cultivates balance of giving and receiving, appropriate to this zone where we must digest / receive well, in order to have great energy for giving in the outer world. Next in line is the central heart chakra, aligned to Venus, the planet of Love, Beauty and Harmony. The peace sign, Prana is its’ mudra. The 5th chakra, aligned with the throat, is Mercury, the energy of communication, creative expression and truth; Here we have Akasha mudra, denoting space to facilitates clear communication. The 3rd eye is above, with the planet of Neptune, where visions, imagination, intuition can assist us is creating the reality we desire. Trishula mudra is a trident shape, which combines polar opposites to create the center of wisdom, beyond all dualities. It is a potent symbol for yoga, reflecting the focus towards unity, ultimately into universal consciousness. The last, crown chakra is an image of the heavens filled with universes and galaxies, beyond our individual comprehension, and the state aspired to in the goal of liberation.   The thumbs up hand gesture, Merudanda mudra, reflect the consciousness of unity with both Earth and Heavens.

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Planetary Alignment

36.5” h x 12.3” w

Mixed Media – Encaustic