Cosmic Birth


The horizontal format aligns with the feminine, receptive principal, from which form is birthed. The creation principal is suggested in the 2 side panels; whirling energies, akin to cosmic soup, a flower emerging, manifesting into form. Red-brown and green colors imply Earthly creation energies; their dynamic forms are akin to a blossoming flower, each holding the knowledge of creation in its central crystal. The central organ body, the inner structure that exists in all human bodies is the result of this creative flux of energies. The body is held within a golden mandorla, denoting its’ divine nature. We are each a drop of divinity arising from cosmic dust, star seeds within this galaxy, and solar system; if we can live in that expanded state of awareness, the Earth would be vibrating in love, not fear. All bodies, creatures and elements are precious reminders of the gift of birth, and life itself.



Cosmic Birth

Price: $1595 – Sold

25.5” x 49.25”
Mixed Media: Encaustic on cradled panels & encausticbord; acid-free printed papers, trim, beads, wire, crystals.