Once we land as an embodied human upon the Earth, water becomes an essential element through which our life flows. As mentioned in the introductory article focused on the EARTH, the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space/Ether, abound in both Eastern and Western philosophical traditions. These conceptual frameworks serve to align both our conscious and unconscious needs and desires, and can be utilized consciously to balance our inner realms with the external environment.

The element of water speaks to the flow of life. A water cycle exists in the environment and our body. Precipitation falls, travels through stream & river to the ocean, and then via evaporation back into the air. The water element within the human body reflects a similar cycle, in that water consumed allows for the flow of nourishment through arteries to tissues, cells, and is the vehicle for removing accumulated wastes.  Proper hydration is essential to feeling good and psychological balance.

Planetary bodies, primarily the moon, affect the behaviors of water.    The moon’s effects operate within the realm of the psyche, as the moon and water equate to our inner emotional needs, thus are highly influential within relationships. Many people are sensitive to the moon’s effects even if they don’t recognize it. The National Criminal Justice Service reporting upon data collected reveals that a full moon results in increased social tension, homicides, and other ‘lunatic’ behavior. More babies are conceived during full moons, especially a Super Moon; one that is closer to the earth due to its elliptical orbit around the earth. When emotions are extreme and triggered by unhealed wounds, behaviors may erupt that we later regret.

If you are prone to emotional roller coasting, it is essential that you work with the lunar energy; first become aware of the phase of the moon during its monthly transitions, and choose activities that ground the inner fluctuations, especially predominant during a Full Moon. Yoga postures and conscious breathing of particular foci, can be vital in grounding your emotional flights and dives into passion.

Energetically, the water element resides in the pelvic bowl of the human body; it especially aligns with our need for pleasure, intimacy, relationships, emotional connection to the planet, and to other life forms we co-exist with.  Psychologically, when we practice aligning with the calm, reflective qualities of water, we cultivate the emotional qualities to be present and at ease, even when life is tumultuous.

The Artwork here is a reflection of water’s rich potential to enhance our life experience within the emotional realm. Attuning to the flow of life as opportunities arise, allows for difficult emotions to be felt and surrendered, and can bring us back to the calm, still center within.

Elemental Wisdom: Water- Sea of Tranquility  

36” h x 26” w x 5” d

Mixed Media: Encaustic on birch plywood, fired ceramic forms (slip cast & glazed), wire, paint, paper, gems & beads.

The text on the accompanying wave below the main panel reads:

Afloat on the Sea of Tranquility,

Simultaneously Empty & Full,

Perfection Reflected as a Drop,

In the Ocean of Eternity.

Another effective way to work with the ever-changing water element, is through guided visualizations that allow us to process strong emotions, and integrate the wisdom that each relationship challenge presents to us. Essentially it is a process of learning how to go with the flow that emerges naturally from our deep psychological interior, in ways that flow smoothly into the external environment we are negotiating at any given time.

It would also be a great boon to healing the waters of the earth if you/we engage sustainable water practices: reusable water containers (not plastic bottles); ensure your personal water source is clean; Xeriscape in dry climates; promote legislation to eliminate industrial water pollution etc..

Simply being in, on or near water can foster a connection to our emotional body and nourish us like a cool glass of water on a hot day.  Take time to consciously reflect and engage water in your life to affect psychological balance as well as cultivate gratitude for water in acknowledging the myriad of ways it supports you.