Scoping the Big Picture for New Earth

This article focuses on art I’m currently working on….
For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a few images/artworks of a recently initiated New Earth Series: Day Realm, Night Realm & Raising Equipoise.  I’m offering up a few more, just framed/completed for the New Earth Series.

New Earth Series - Honing the Galactic Center - DebbieMathewArt.comTitle:  Honing To Galactic Center
Size: 19.3” h. x 19.3” w.                     Price: $775
Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, pendant pieces, wire) on cradled Panel board.

The heart of my intention here is to tap into a ‘bigger perspective’ of what is happening in the world.  About 6 years ago, I went to a yoga retreat with a contemporary Yoga Guru, David Frawley, and was blown away; I learned of the traditional influence of astrology within a yogic life/spiritual path.  It filled a gap that was nagging at me…. I’m so connected to dear Mother Earth, but what about the cosmic connection? I know that ‘As above, so below’, so I realized I needed to hone into the cosmos. Ever since 2014, I’ve slowly been educating myself about the influence of the celestial sphere, and remain in awe. What endlessly fascinates me, is how unique each birth signature is, not just for humans, pets, but countries, businesses etc.; personal and global are interconnected yet each remarkable. What I know is that astrology relies on astronomy – it is a huge science and art, which really resonates with my soul; did you know I have a Bachelor of Science and Master of Fine Arts?  If you are a skeptic, that is fine, but educate yourself before you deep six it.
Title:  New Earth Emerging   New Earth Series - New Earth Emerging -
Size: 17.5” h. x 17.5”w.                 Price: $695
Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel boardOne fact that all astrologers have been speaking about for years, is this current time ~ 2020 and onward as a time of significant change. It has to do with Pluto (Power, Death, Rebirth, Evolution) coming together (conjunction) with Saturn (Structure, Law, Government, Institutions, Responsibility); meaning there is a break-down of structures in the world order.  Add a Jupiter (expansion) conjunction on top Pluto and Saturn, and it has all blown up… sound like the present global situation? Astrology does not set a specific destiny in place, and details are often unknown or imprecise. Only a few astrologers mentioned a virus would be part of the transformational process, but they predicted an era of humongous change.  The last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct, Martin Luther opposed the power of the Catholic church, and we know how eventually those power structures changed dramatically (especially the separation of church and state). It all takes time for both dissolution and reconstruction.

New Earth Series - New Earth Coalescing - DebbieMathewArt.comTitle:  New Earth Coalescing
Size: 17.5” h x 17.5”w                    Price: $695
Media: Encaustic & mixed media (images, beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel board

A most human response to our world & lives changing is various gradations of anxiety, fueled by fear of death in this pandemic. My yogic training continues to support my positive evolution; I continue to practice cultivating a space of equanimity. It helps me to sustain this frequency when I envision during the art process. I do this through color, symbolic language (imagery) and symmetry to create a dynamic structure. I wonder,  what will we eventually create for a New Earth Global community?  Thus far, I feel the importance of welcoming in the feminine and honoring the Earth, Native Wisdom, all cultures and species; this is some of what is essential to develop a network structure resonant of the Aquarian Age we have entered.
So, for now, the ‘floating woman’ has become a butterfly – she’s transforming and watching over the changes; she helps to hold the space of new creation for the New Earth, amidst the necessary destruction. Even though the dissolution will take centuries, it is never too early to seed the dream of a Joyful planet to thrive in, for all species; I’m really very much in a state of questioning, and contemplating.  How can we remain in a vibration of compassion, peace and love. And yes, I’m not always finding the the current energy easy to navigate, but I’m excited to be a part of this great Changing of the Ages.  You?

If you want to read specific descriptions of each of the above pieces, click on the image(s) – they are linked to these pieces on this website.  As always I’d love to hear your thoughts.