At the soul level, I’m called to create.  What inspires me?  At the heart of it, I’ve always attempted to capture ‘unity consciousness’, ideas centered around Microcosm=Macrocosm, ‘As Above, So Below’, ultimately to remind myself, and you, that separation is an illusion. I primarily focus on ideas/imagery that bridge humans with Gaia/Earth, but this concept is essential to overcome the current social focus upon eliminating all the ‘isms’: racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, etc.  The Ecofeminist movement, which I align with, is against all kinds of ‘isms’, seeing them as indelibly linked to the oppression of women and the environment. At this point in my artistic journey, I visualize the essence of these ideas through the use of image and placement that point the way to move beyond hierarchy.  Ultimately it is through the back door; change your/my consciousness to go beyond duality. Each Art Series I do, tends to explore some specific aspects of this.

The DNA Series was inspired by scientific findings that meditation up-levels a person’s DNA, meaning they operate at a higher level of consciousness, which is inherently linked with the more noble qualities of love, compassion, patience, and identifying self with other.  So, I found images of DNA, reshaped them into circles to emulate wholeness or manipulated their shapes to create lace-like borders, mimicking the edging of illuminated manuscripts.  I harvest ancient spiritual symbols and tools, placing them in modern context to enhance inter-connective, spiritual energies.  A moment of insight can have profound influence on new perception, but I recognize that it’s staying power might not be enough to overcome ego habits based on social conditioning.  Underlying my creativity is the hope that a viewer is inspired, and from that space of inter-connectivity, is moved to shift to their own center, to their heart of hearts of what they know is good, right and true.

I’ll share 2 pieces of the DNA Series to illuminate the concepts that I believe are at the heart of equality and equanimity. I summarize the Series on my website: ‘The DNA Series was inspired by new concepts about the plasticity of our DNA. So much of what we believe to be Reality is crumbling: politico-economic structures, the rigidity of the adult brain etc. So, it is no surprise that vitality is being injected into a new sense of reality through disciplines such as Quantum physics and philosophies that are unifying, not mired in polarities. Such is the wisdom expanding through spiritual pathways as we explore the potential of meditation evolving our genetics/DNA.’  Here, I’ll describe a two examples from the Series.

Encaustic and Mixed Media - Life Spirals - at DebbieMathewArt.comLife Spirals,  Size: 24.5” h x 18.5”w           Encaustic & Mixed Media

This piece centers on a flower, with 6 petals, the number of Love; a red heart lies at the center, and a crystal within that. Each shape, form, color and the material it is made of, resonates symbolically with potential, yet the meaning is personal. In each corner, are DNA spheres; the circle symbolizes wholeness, balance and magnetic potential. DNA is essential to create and sustain life, with key codes of repair, maintenance and expansion. Four circles in the corners, stabilize the structure, reflecting a grounded, earthly quality. Life is always evolving, shifting and connecting to the heartbeat of Gaia. I wish to promote the sensibility that the DNA within all life forms resonates with the heart of our Mother Earth, who in turn promotes our well-being and conscious evolution.



Mixed Media and Encaustic - Harmonic Eye - at             Harmonic Eye Size: 16.75”h x 20.5”w              Mixed Media + Encaustic

The external eyes are a vital sensory organ that allows us to see and interpret our environment, making choices based upon the interpretations of conditioned experience. The symbolic eye is either experienced as a ‘protective force’ in the external universe, or the inner 3rd eye, that is connected to subtle perceptions beyond linear space/time; it is the wisdom eye that perceives a deeper reality, one based in higher dimensions.  In this image, the eye is anchored by the lotus/lily, a symbol of blossoming wisdom and enlightenment. The center of the eye, as well as part of the iris, is DNA, the life code that has the potential of higher consciousness. Raising our personal vibration, to activate ancient wisdom codes within our DNA, may prove to be the touchstone of humanity’s positive evolution. Can we collectively envision and create a world of safety, abundance and peace for all?

While such imagery and high-minded aspirations is hardly the same as engaging in the nuts and bolts of changing the social structures, we all have our role in shifting the current crisis into a better future.  Sometimes I doubt the efficacy of my intentions, but know I must hold true to my heart visions, and hold the energetic framework of the positive potentials.  I’d love to hear if my art holds inspiration for you and how you are contributing to the change.