During these Covid-19 days at home, we are laid bare to wrestle with the concept of home. Are you content at home? This is a question to ponder to find the deeper meaning of Home.

In the simplest terms, home is a roof over our heads, warmth, protection and a place to sleep.  You might find yourself in similar circumstances as prior to Covid-19, only you are spending much more time with yourself.  The aspects of life that have changed perhaps are relegated to the social realm: you no longer eat out, go to the bar, be with your friends. Or perhaps you are working from home, or have lost your job, and you are home much more. Or your home has suddenly become very crowded with extra family members.  Whatever the new circumstances, we find ourselves with opportunities to discover much deeper realizations about the relationship to ourselves, and others.  How are you managing?  Are you lost in distractions, or nourishing new ways of care for self and others?  Are you reflecting on your deeper values, and allowing these to light the path forward?

I offer some art images of what I hope to resonate a sense of ‘eternal home’, that which is within, but extends to include all that is.

Mixed Media: Coming Home at DebbieMathewArt.comComing Home,   24” x 24”     Mixed Media: Encaustic & Cold Wax (on Paper), on Cradled Panel Board.

 The illuminated central arch shape beckons one forward; a call to follow one’s soul calling & live an enlightened life. Home is a physical place, but also a space within, that if nourished through spiritual practice, will glow and lighten through time & space, regardless of one’s challenges & fate.  Challenging times are an opportunity to dig deep and engage practices that cultivate harmony within our Self, the big self that thinks, speaks and acts from a space of love and compassion. Let this be the new foundation of relationship to our self and all those people we interact with, be it family, friend or stranger.

Mixed Media: Path of Wholiness at DebbieMathewArt.comPath of Wholiness,    24” x 24,    Mixed Media: Encaustic and Cold Wax (on Paper), on Cradled Panel Board.

Home can also refer to our relationship to Earth, our beautiful planet that has devolved over the last centuries, a reflection of humanity’s internal corruption of values. So busy with false ideals of success, especially the unending pursuit of money, as a global society we’ve poisoned, abused and neglected the foundation of life, the health of the Earth.  This virus pandemic is an opportunity, a wake-up call to create a New Earth.  This is a time to reflect on what is truly important and shift to choices to support our beautiful planet and all life. Our egos will always interfere unless we raise our internal frequencies to that of Love, so that it shifts our thinking and actions to those that reflect our deeper interdependence with all Life. This means to engage in practices that cultivate witness consciousness and compassion, to override our default programming of Fear. Love is the way; we practice one situation at a time, creating harmony within and without – a True Home.

Please share your sense of home, and practices that are assisting you in cultivating that vision…in the comment section below.