Heart Mind of Peace


The original heart image is of a brain coral in the shape of a heart photographed in a coral reef. I recognized the significant blessing of this experience: an offering of a symbol of perfectly merged & balanced ‘thinking + feeling’. The brain image within the heart reveals the ideal of full integration of mind within the heart.

Living in peace, requires a stable & peaceful heart-mind, which is possible when we recognize the inter-connectedness of all of life and cultivate these qualities through visualization, meditation and conscious engagement in the outer world.

The images of Quan Yin & Buddha flanking the heart, reverberate the energy of compassion and peace. Both are great spiritual teachers that have gifted humanity with teachings of heart wisdom.

Kapota mudra is the hand gesture emerging from the base; it means ‘Dove’, emanating qualities of peace and liberation. A heart-mind of peace can be cultivated so it is present in all circumstances.


Heart Mind of Peace

Size: 12″ x 12″

Encaustic & Mixed Media