Galactic Harmony


A square panel holds the center space; It gives rise to a circular aura, or is it arising from a golden glowing celestial body? All is emerging from the depths of midnight blue/black, itself filled with subtle intangible energy fragments.  The central panel holds 2 potent symbols. The lower, a heart, resides within a square, uplifted by wings on both sides; the heart’s center holds an eternal living flame.  The upper symbol, a butterfly, transformed from prior earthly bound forms, is in its glory manifestation; able to fly within the airy realms, it is free to explore the subtler realms of life experience.  On either side of these symbols are 2 columns, bearing witness, holding protection and creating a doorway.  At their foundation are bears, signifying the unconscious, primal instincts we need to live in a physical form. The upright structure is DNA, the template of life itself; balancing spherical galaxies at the top.  Like 2 eyeballs of greater perception, they are held in perfect balance.  All levels and layers of existence co-exist… if we live with inner harmony, and that with our outer environment and circumstances, all exists in harmony. Having a galactic perspective promotes such a vision.



Title:  Galactic Harmony

Size: 25.5h. x 25.5” w.                   

Price: $965

Media: Encaustic & Mixed Media (image transfers, art papers, glass beads, crystals, wire) on cradled Panel boards.