Couch Potato In The Lemon Grove


A female form (literally, a potato sitting in a couch) is hanging out in a very sour environment (lemon trees); the blank expression and absence of arms, reveals her numbness to the circumstances that surround her. The situation is a metaphor for particular states of ‘stickiness’, which can immobilize our evolution and experience of joy in life. It is really all about letting go, and revising our attitudes and beliefs about our circumstances and life itself. Our perception is ours, to frame the world in the ways that bring about our deeper desires. I mean this piece to be a mirror for those who are stuck, to find a bit of humor in their circumstances, thereby a window out of it, towards a new perspective.



Couch Potato In The Lemon Grove

Size: 24” x 20” x 14”
Ceramics & Mixed Media