Raptorous Feat


Combining human body parts with vegetal forms to make yet another form is founded on the principle that we are all made of similar ‘stuff.’ In this piece, the scavenger type bird is fashioned out of a foot for the body, hands for the wings, and a green pepper and pear for the neck and head. It sits upon a nest of large eggs (avocados) in an Easter Basket.

I hope the viewer will enjoy the humor and ponder the irony of the situation of this bird trying to protect and hatch these unlikely ‘eggs.’ This can be a metaphor for many of the false choices we humans make. There is an underlying concept of how few choices wildlife have as humans continue to destroy, occupy or alter their habitats.

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Raptorous Feat

Size: 15” h x 13” w x 16” d
Media: Slip-cast avocado, foot, hand, pear, green pepper, Easter basket, wire, gut.