Mother Mary – Unconditional Love


Mother Mary (like Tara & Kwan Yin of Asian origin) is known for her peaceful and benevolent temperament. Her sacred heart resonates with the energy of an intelligent mind, as symbolized by the heart-shaped ‘brain coral’ photo, from which she emerges. She is especially attuned to the challenges of parenting, having been the parent to a most precocious child, Jesus. Her foundational wisdom energy is that of unconditional love, fostering compassionate wisdom, both of which bolster the mind; these are qualities especially important within the parenting realm of life experience.

The golden hands that uphold Mother Mary’s image are in a gesture (= mudra) known as Kapota, meaning Dove, the symbol of peace and serenity. There are 7 crystals/ points of colored light, aligned vertically between the hands, and within the central vertical axis of Mother Mary. These represent the 7 subtle energy centers along the spine of the human form; as we evolve in consciousness, these energy vortices clear and become a transmitter for higher energetic frequencies to flow through an individual. These contribute to higher consciousness frequencies within collective humanity.

Affirming the power of thoughts through a powerful statement or mantra, such as ‘I am Mentally Happy’, will help you attune to Mary’s compassionate power, and the loving energy available to everyone within the universe.

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Mother Mary – Unconditional Love

Size: 10” x 10” x 2”
Mixed Media