Meditative Heart


The original heart image is of a brain coral in the shape of a heart photographed in a coral reef. I recognized the significant blessing of this experience: an offering of a symbol of perfectly merged & balanced ‘thinking + feeling’. The 4 photo-strip image of the Buddha’s head, implies the integration of Buddha wisdom within the heart.             We are all called at this time, to find the love quality of compassion that lives in the heart center, available as we come to realize the possibility of inter-connecting with all beings, life, matter & non-matter.

The Buddha images, with the throat, 3rd eye & crown chakras illumined with crystals, signifies the awakened energy centers through which we can express universal heart energy towards all that is. The Buddha is but one of many ascended masters who has gifted humanity with heart wisdom teachings; he shared these through speech (throat chakra), vision (3rd eye) and illumined thought (crown chakra).           The mudras (hand gestures) engage energies of supreme knowledge and consciousness, the qualities that help us love beyond possession & ego-based affections. A loving heart can be present in all circumstances.


Meditative Heart

Cost: $195   (SOLD)
Size: 12″ x 12″
Mixed Media