Healing Hand


The heart energy alluded to in this shrine through the words, connects with the 4th chakra and the powers of embracing subtler qualities of love, courage and compassion.  The greenish colors and air like quality of the backdrop, as well as the 12 petal lotus the hand emerges from, are all symbolic of this central energy vortex, the switching station that is located between the 3 more denser chakras below and the 3 higher vibratory above.  The heart is the center that feeds the actions through arms and hands. A golden eye gleams from this hand’s center, the palm, where a secondary chakra exists as a portal for conducting universal healing energy from the cosmos, through individual heart, arm and hand towards self and others. Love is the ultimate healing energy of the universe, and the heart is the great generator of this resonant energy.


Healing Hand

Size: 24” x 11” x 8.5”
Mixed Media
Prose on plaque below main shrine:

Embracing Grief
Cultivating Compassion
A Courageous Heart
Heals the World
Actions of Love