Electric Heart


The heart image originates from medical imaging, revealing the qualities of muscle, circulation and most relevant here, the network of nerves. The nervous system supports the flow of subtle energy, creating the quality of vibrant energy, capable of influencing energy & especially, other hearts.                       The heart has been shown to have a crystal matrix, enabling it to hold and amplify energy. If we desire more beatific energy, we can expand that vibration and focus it into places where it is lacking.

Connecting to your electric heart with conscious desire to bring more love, peace and healing to the world, is an option for all humans. Meditation is a great vehicle to achieve this end; try fixing this image from your mind’s eye into the heart cavity of your body; connect with the beatific energy present from memory, expanding it into your body from the heart center. Then project this loving energy back out to all.


Electric Heart

Size: 12″ x 9″
Encaustic & Mixed Media