Crossing to Safety


This refurbished travel trunk holds a ‘scene,’ a moment along a mythic journey. The closed trunk resounds with antiquity, full of scars derived from many journeys.

Within the open trunk, a bier/raft of trees (broccoli) is being solemnly escorted by five ducks (pears and squash), across a sea to an unknown destination. In numerology, ‘five’ is an unstable, chaotic number, indicating an unresolved situation. Such is the case with the forests of the earth.

The birds represent feminine spiritual power; these archetypal symbols draw upon many cultural histories, from the Yoruba in Africa to early Christianity. Guiding a ‘stand of trees’ across the seas of time, the birds represent the archetypal movement between the worlds of matter and spirit; such a story mirrors current environmental and planetary transitions.


Crossing to Safety

Size: 26” h (open) x 36” w x 21” d
Media: Travel trunk, oil paint, varnish, slip-cast low fire broccoli, pears & squash, encaustic, wood, leather, velvet, metal, paint.