About the Ascension Series

The Ascension Series focuses on an aspirant traversing the realms between being primarily embodied (of Earth matter) to resonating divine/Heavenly energies. Much like the cocoon stage of larvae prior to becoming a winged butterfly, one must be dormant and dissolve all structures. Ascended masters, like Jesus, Mary, Yogananda, have provided exemplar pathways to transforming from the material to the spiritual. The spiritual masters who roam(ed) the earth teaching great wisdom values, ascended and then were able to manifest in any bodily form they chose, wherever they chose (even multiple places at the same time = bilocation); typically many kept the same form when they appeared to mortals. I feel that when humanity wakes up to the expanded possibilities of how we view reality, our lives will be richer, more meaningful and we will engage our potential more fully. This series explores the liminal space one must occupy through the journey and the powerful support present for us to tap into.