Art Inspirations

Art making has always been a venue for centering and expressing my heart’s desires. As a child and young adult, I gravitated towards a wide variety of materials (paint, string, eggshells, wax…), expressing imagery that helped me find my internal ‘home’.  My love of the natural world found its expression in landscapes, creatures (especially birds) and through symmetrical Mandala shapes. The process of creating and viewing such soothing patterns, and tapping into nature’s source energy helped me to strengthen my internal Being, throughout all the challenges of growing up.



As I matured, my professional work in the world evolved from biologist, to outdoor guide, to university art instructor and eventually to teaching the wisdom of yoga, as a lifestyle and path to higher consciousness.  I love being in Nature, which is where I gain inspiration for art imagery/creation, as well as from studies and practices sourced from many esoteric traditions and advanced ancient cultures.


Through these experiences and advanced art studies, I came to experience ‘familiar ground’ in the sacred symbols and geometry of art/architecture, and practices at the heart of many spiritual traditions from cultures worldwide. I find these extraordinarily inspiring as a route towards unification of self and the world.   Tuning in, feeling and contemplating the influence of the elements (earth, water, fire, air) and the cosmos (moon, planets, etc.) have become the inspiration for many art pieces, from the Chakra, Mandala and Mudra Series, to the explorations focused upon the heart and its infinite capacity for love.

Art making allows me to visually illuminate my inner reflections on what it means to be human and divine.  Through symbols, color, numerology (conscious use of numbers as symbolic energy) and sacred geometry, is central to my imagery.

I honor the benevolent spiritual ancestors who have devoted their lives to teach compassion, non-violence and practices to evolve consciousness.  I am interested in inspiring people (including myself) to propel oneself towards divine expression of the human experience.

I Honor all of creation, and you!  thank you for your time exploring.          Debbie Mathew